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If you have an arbitration agreement or an arbitration clause in your contract, you have some tough decisions to make.  How does arbitration versus mediation work?  Which one is binding?  What are the advantages of arbitration?  We work with you to get your dispute resolved using binding arbitration.  That allows both parties to be heard and based upon a finding of facts, our arbitrator reaches a decision.  With our online scheduling, you can schedule your arbitration in minutes rather than days.  

Specialized Arbitration Services

We also provide specialized arbitration services to help businesses resolve disputes without going to court.  We offer mediation-arbitration, where the parties who arrive for mediation may elect at the outset to have the issue decided by arbitration, so that if the parties cannot agree, they can still get an immediate resolution of the dispute.  The arbitration phase will occur only if both parties elect to do so.


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We are experienced is all areas of business dispute resolution, including:

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  • Successfully mediated numerous business dispute cases, property cases, and landlord-tenant disputes
  • Consistently achieves positive results for the parties in mediation 

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