Month: October 2016

3 Reasons to Choose Mediation Over Going to Court

By Sam Ventola,


“Life is very short and there’s no time for fussing and fighting, my friend.”

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Mediation is defined as “intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it.”  By using the mediation process to resolve business disputes, it can benefit you in several ways.


As a business owner, you understand that time is money.  If you go to court, it requires you to spend time away from working with clients.  In addition, the legal process can take up to a year to be resolved.  By utilizing mediation prior to filing suit, your dispute can be resolved in significantly less time and money.


Another downside to going to court are costs involved in filing a lawsuit.  Costs such as filing fees, court costs and service of process fees add up, especially for a small business owner.  Another cost that a business owner may incur are attorney’s fees.  By choosing mediation, a business owner can resolve a dispute with a smaller investment. These costs usually wind up being more than the amount you are seeking in your lawsuit thus generating not only an impact to your wallet but also to your overall health.


Conflict can be extremely stressful.  For a business owner, building relationships is important to building a business.  When communication breaks down in a business relationship, it creates stress along with the increase of time and loss of money.  By going to court to resolve a dispute, there is usually one winner and one loser.  By choosing mediation, a business owner can reach a resolution that potentially benefits both parties.

How we are different

There are hundreds of mediators, but almost all of them will tell you they can’t give legal advice.  This means you still have to pay your own lawyer, as does the other side, and both of your lawyers will be telling you that the time for mediation will not come until much later during the court case – after most of the money is gone.  Sam Ventola is an experienced litigator with 30 years’ experience, and explains the law to both parties and tell them how it applies to their dispute.

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Sam Ventola has a wide variety of experience in litigation, legal education, and mediation. He has been an attorney on both sides in business litigation, employment disputes, probate litigation, and personal injury cases. In addition to being an attorney, he has been a mediator, hearing officer, labor relations professor, and lecturer on litigation, employment and First Amendment issues. He has also achieved the rating of AV Preeminent® by Martindale Hubbell.